You can visit the school office to view a poster size catchment map.

Below is a map of the school's catchment. (Click map to open larger image)

Our interactive map can show the catchment area in more detail.

Interactive catchment maps can also be viewed on the City of Nanaimo's online CityMap application (Requires Windows and IE6.0+).

Catchment History

Mount Benson School is located in Wellington on the old school site. It is one of the oldest, and largest school catchments. It spans roughly 8km parallel to the Parkway, and covers the Wellington town site, up to the foot of Mount Benson. Nine other schools border its catchment.

During the height of the "baby boom echo", Mount Benson school was running at roughly double its capacity. To reduce overcrowding at Mount Benson Elementary, Coal Tyee school was opened in 1990's in the south-east residential neighbourhood of Mount Benson's Catchment.(Diver lake to Bowen road)

If you have old school or Wellington photographs, documents, or stories you would like to share, the PAC would love to hear from you to help create a school "history" web page, or to add to the PAC collection of historical photos already hanging in the school hallway.