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Elementary English Grammer by D. L. MacLaurin, Ph. D. was authorized for use by the Minister of Education in the Schools of British Columbia for many years. While the 1943 edition would have been used in the 50s at Mount Benson, previous editions of the book would have been used in its predecesssor school, Wellington Elementary (Green School).

While new books come out all the time, with new ways of teaching and explaining things. The old ones often have a direct simplicity which is difficult to describe. Below is the first section of the first chapter of "Elementary English Grammer, MacLaurin, 1943"


         Dogs Bark.
         Birds fly.
         Fire burns.

Look at the above words one by one. Each word gives you an idea.

Words represent ideas, and we express our thoguhts by means of spoken or written words.

Each of these groups of words expresses a thought.

Each group has two parts:
(a) that about which something is said: dogs, birds, fire.
(b) what is said of each of these : bark, fly, burns.

A group of words which expresses a complete thought is called a sentence.

The above was copied from a copy of "Elementary English Grammer" given to one of Mount Benson's Student's by his Grandmother's in June of 2008. The book was the copy the Grandmother had used in elementary school.

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