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    Most recent Librarian & Literacy Coordinator: (2007/2008) Ms. Williams
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Mount Benson Elementary School Library Books

Over Mount Benson elementary school's 58 years, parents and community members spent thousands of hours and dollars buying books and resources for their library. When it was closed Mount Benson Elementary School had an estimated 10,000 books.

During the last two months that Mount Benson School was open, librarians sorted through the 10,000 books in the Mount Benson library and put the books in boxes. After the school year was over the boxes were to be removed from the library and sent to Pleasant Valley School, Coal Tyee elementary school, or disposed of. It was estimated that 3,000 books were sent to Pleasant Valley, 6,000 to Coal Tyee elementary school and 1,000 discarded.

Upon reciept of the Mount Benson Elementary School library books the receiving school libraries were going to add the books to their collections. However because of the volume of books being transferred from Mount Benson elementary school, space became an issue in the recieving school libraries and it is not known how many of the Mount Benson Library books ended up in the other school libraries.

Nearest Library to Wellington/Mount Benson School

Families are encouraged to go to the Wellington Public Library behind Country Club mall which has a children's section. More books can be ordered from other Vancouver Island Regional Libraries through their online catalog system.

School Library System

If you, or your children, are in public school... or even if they are not, you can borrow books from School District 68 libraries. School District 68 has an online catalog system called "WebCat" which allows you to search the entire SD68 library network. School District 68 has an extremely large collection of books, which makes it an excellent resource.

If you want to visit the nearest school libraries, they are Rock City, Coal Tyee, Uplands, Forest Park, Randerson Ridge, Mountain View, Wellington Secondary and Pleasant Valley. All of these schools are identified on our Map

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