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New Guidelines

In September of 2007 the Ministry of Education revised the guidelines for food and beverage sales in BC Schools. The changes were motivated by increasing obecity in British Columbia Children, and coincide with curriculum changes requiring 30 minutes of physical exercise for elementary students.

Summary of Guidelines

Effective January 1, 2008, the sale of foods considered to be unhealthy are prohibited on school property. The Ministry has created four categories for food and beverages, and 50% of the food provided on school property must be from the healtiest category. ( Ministry document is available at bottom of page for more information )

Impact on Mount Benson PAC Activities

A brief summary of the impact our Mount Benson PAC is:

  • Hot Lunch menu requires minor adaptations. Whole wheat pizza crusts and sub buns, etc.
  • Grade 7 Ice-Cream sales will need to modify its menu.
  • Popcorn will need to use healthier oil, and low salt.
  • Track Meet concession may require further modifications as granola bars are 1/2 sugar and fat. (who knew)
  • Chocolate fundraisers are not sold on school property to students, so food guidelines do not apply, although some discussion will ensue.
  • Fun Day hot dogs will need to be the real-meat, low-fat variety, with whole-wheat buns.
  • In general the Ministry isn't going to come around with a lab-testing kit. Common sense should be used, and if used properly will likely be respected.
  • Off-site events, like "Burgar & Beverage" night, are unaffected.
  • Other impacts TBD

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