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For many years the Mount Benson Parents have sponsored a Busary to former students of Mount Benson Elementary School.


The Wellington Neighbourhood presents an annual Bursary on behalf of former Mount Benson Elementary School Parents. The Bursary is to be awarded to a worthy and deserving Student who attended Mount Benson Elementary School at one time for at least one year and who has demonstrated involvement and support for the community. Preference will be given to financial need. Award must be used within two years of receipt

Permenant Mount Benson Elementary School Bursary Fund

At the request of the Mount Benson Elementary school PAC, the Wellington Action Committee agreed to create a permenant bursary for Wellington Neighbourhood students in honour of the PAC and the school.

On August 20, 2008, the Wellington Action Committee signed the deed establishing the "Mount Benson Elementary School PAC Legacy Fund" with the Vancouver Foundation using a gift from the Mount Benson Elementary School Parent Advisory Council. The Vancouver Foundation manages endowment funds for schools all over British Columbia.


To apply for the bursary, please use the School District #68 Scholarship Application Form. This form should be available from the website of the Nanaimo Schools Financial Awards Society (NSFAS)


Originally the PAC fundraised for the busary amount each year. In 2006 the PAC decided to setup a fund to ensure that the bursary continued even if the PAC did not, or could not, fundraise. In 2008 the PAC provided fundraised seed money to setup an endowment fund and asked the Wellington Action Committee to coordinate and establish the bursary on behalf of the school parents.

If you wish to contribute to the endowment fund to support the permenant bursary for Mount Benson and Wellington Neighbourhood students, you can donate online with a credit card, or cheques can be written to,

Vancouver Foundation
Attn: Mount Benson Elementary School PAC Legacy Fund 
Suite 1200, 555 West Hastings St.
Box 12132, Harbour Centre
Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 4N6
In the memo field of the cheque be sure to say "Mount Benson Elementary School PAC Legacy Fund".

Any support, no matter how small, is appreciated and will benefit future aspiring students in need.