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For lack of a better place, and for general interest in how things proceeded, some attempts will be kept to keep this list updated.

Please do not use these documents for doing research as a significant amount of the information presented in these documents was disputed.

Date Document Author Background / Summary / Any useful contextual info
2008-11-26 Facility Renewal Update Secretary Treasurer Summary of projects and events in district with some background. Presented to final sitting of old board after an election, but before the new board was sworn in.
Completed 2008-06
Released 2008-09
South Wellington Feasibility TRILLIUM Business Strategies Inc. Includes Woodbank, Chase River, Cinnebar, etc.
2008-09-24 Board of Education, September 24, 2008 Regular Board Meeting SD68 Board of Education
  • Letter from former Mt. Benson Parents to Board stating concerns about students who were dislocated from Mt. Benson closure being denied access to the next 2 closest schools. Staff acknowled to Trustees during discussion that enrolment had been "Managed". During 2007/2008 school year while Mt. Benson was still open, some Rock City PAC members had been advised that students were being turned away to avoid hiring a Vice Principal due to the influx of students from Mt. Benson. Bill 34, which enabled the closure of Mt. Benson, was now being ignored which prevented the neighbourhood children from attending the school of their choice despite the public and Trustees stating that there was space.
  • Agenda has the official minutes for the July 2, 2008 Board meeting where the motion was passed setting up the Ad-hoc committee with the City of Nanaimo's Social Development Committee and inviting the Wellington Action Committee to participate.
    2008-01-30 Public Consultation Process on Proposed School Closures SD68 Staff Presented at a special board meeting and marked the start of consultation on the closure of 4 elementary schools, 2 secondary schools, and the location of a new secondary school.
    2008-01-29 Invite to Mt. Benson PAC information session Mt. Benson PAC David Murchie gave an information session on the facility planning process outlining to the community many of the reasons why Mt. Benson should not be closed or even considered for closure. The presentation was primarily on overhead transparencies.
    2007-12 School Closures in British Columbia: Past, Present and Future British Columbia School Trustees Association, by Dick Chambers Some SD68 Trustees attend the BCSTA conference where this paper was presented at a workshop. It outlines things districts should do to prevent a legal challenge. The meeting to start school closure consultation was subsequently delayed until January 2008 in what appeared to be an attempt to correct any real or percieved issues with process, procedure or established positions of some trustees. (For example, trustees who had been promoting closing schools started saying they had not made up there mind.) This document is on the BCSTA site under "advocacy work".
    2007-10-15 Letter Sent to Minister of Education Regarding Information reported in Newspaper Mt. Benson, Rutherford and South Wellington PAC's Letter included Newspaper being referenced, along with an information sheet, and the BC stats reports for both Prince George and Nanaimo-Ladysmith which backed up the information sheet.
    2007-09-11 Business Case - District-Wide Facilities Renewal Plan SD68 Staff
    2007-07-11 Report on Facilities Renewal in School District 68 SD68 Staff Report Presented at a Special Board meeting along with a presentation. (Note that the date is after the school year had ended)
    2007-07-11 Facilities Renewal Report - Presentation to Trustees SD68 Staff This powerpoint report was actually presented to trustees a week earlier in private, and may have been modified from the original. It accompanied a far more detailed paper report.
    2007-04-04 Minutes of Special Board Meeting Held April 4, 2007 SD 68 Board of Education This is the meeting where they voted not to close South Wellington and Dufferin after consultation. At this meeting it appears that at least one trustee was already aware that the board was going to proceed with ANOTHER school closure consultation process, even though the board denied that decisions had already been made.
    2007-03-28 Action Sheet - "District-Wide Facilities Renewal - Developing a Long-Range Plan - Recommendations for Consideration" Michael J. Munro, SD68 Superintendent/CEO Background on why the "hurry". Mr. Munroe states several items very well. A notable quote "The elimination of the opportunity for the district to carry on a conversation with the wider community
    2007-01-17 School Closure Conslutation Notice SD68 Dufferin and South Wellington Closure and Consultation notice. Notice contains information which attempts to justify the closures. Notice that numbers such as decline are quoted even though most of the decline simply freed up portables and no mention is made that 4 schools had already been closed, or that the 90 classrooms was theoretical since many of the empty classrooms were actually being used.
    2006-12-20 Action Sheet - Proposed Consultation on School Closures Michael J. Munro, SD68 Superintendent/CEO
    2006-Dec SD68 Renewal - Focus on Facilities (Presentation) SD68 Staff Facilities Renewal Report
    2006-Dec Facility Renewal Press Release SD68 Staff
    2006-April DUFFERIN ELEMENTARY PLANNING STUDY Matrix Consulting for SD68
    2006-January South End Study Matrix Consulting for SD68
    2006-January South End Study Summary Matrix for SD68
    2004-10 Management Report - Alternatives to New Secondary North, Management Report Instead of building a new 600 student secondary, SD68 rationalizes making the schools larger, despite most research and professional groups recommending smaller schools of about 600 as being the optimal size.
    2004-01-21 Report on Small School Closures District Senior Staff
    2003-April District Wide Facility Planning Study Prepared by "Yates, Thorn & Associates, in association with Gerald Finger Consulting Ltd. JCM Associates." Comprehensive report/study which contemplates middle school model, and how SD68 could possibly restructure its schools if it moved to this model.
    2008 School Closure Consultation Documents

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