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When doing research, one often uses documents which are hard to find, change, or are removed from the Web by the publisher. This page is intended to provide a permenant record of documents which provided data or insight into issues which were of importance to our school. They are provided here to save future researchers unnecessary labour and frustration.

Facility Planning Presentations

Capital Planning Instructions

Every year the Ministry of Education Publishes "Capital Plan Instructions" which tells facility planners and Secretary Treasurers and Trustees how districts are supposed to plan their future Capital projects.

Capital Planning & Childcare

The Ministry has made money available to convert extra public space into childcare space or community Hub Space.



Budget information for SD68 is not readily available as recent budget documents have only been available in paper format to attendees of meetings, and historical budgets are removed from the school districts website.

Financial Statements

SD68 Financial statements are in a format requested by the Provincial Governemnt and include all SD68 grants, including AFG grants and other items not discussed as part of the budget process. Ministry of Education Insructions to districts regarding Financial Reporting is available on their website at

Annual Facility Grants (Annual Capital Grant prior to 2004)

The policy for the AFG is located at


Projections and Planning

District Operations, Comparisons & Analysis

School Profile

Mount Benson

Food Guidelines

School Cleaning and Maintenance

Physical Education

School Sites

Site Size

School site size is important.


With the exception of the Old and New Wellington Townsites, the rest of the area is underlaid with mines. (Including Northfield.)


Young children get most of the exercise on Playgrounds. Very important part of a school.

Regional Planning

Schools are part of regional planning.

Guides, Studies and Discussions on School Closures

Other districts reports and experience with School Closures and facility planning. Read with caution as the reason for school closures in one jurisdiction is often wildly different than the reason in another jurisdiction. The legal information is useful as it indicates that if a Trustee can be proven to be predisposed to closing a school, the boards decision to close the school can be set aside by a judge.

Facility Planning


List of SD68 Renewal Documents

Facility Audits

Other Districts

Long term facility planning requires alot of research. Here are some documents which show the varing degree of research and analyis done by diffrent groups when doing facility planning. Sometimes they discuss the complications with projections or other issues which provide improved perspective when looking at our own district.

  • Sooke - Matrix Draft 4 facility plan (2005)
  • Vernon School District Facility Plan (Matrix 2005) Like Sooke and Nanaimo, this report was prepared by Matrix, and like the Sooke version, the ministry requirements for approval of building *NEW* space is implicitly treated as a requirement, with some parts of it reading like the ministry requires 95% utilization in order to rebuild a school... incorrect.

Trustee Elections

Any volunteers to explain how this works?

Standardized Testing

FSA's and standardized testing have been a topic of discussion in recent years due to the Fraser Institues dubious practice of ranking schools without explaining how they do the ranking. For example a school can have good scores, but gets penalized because the boys and girls didn't get the same average score. This causes the Fraser Institute rankings to favour private schools with only one gender and large can see why it causes controversy.

Land, Crown Land & Grant Information

Mount Benson School effectively consists of 2 properties. The older property used to belong to Dunsmuir & Diggle Ltd, and was transferred to the Crown in 1900 when they withdrew most of their intrests from the area. The older property consists of most of the fields and is a neighbourhood park and local heritage site. This land is provincially owned crown land.

The land which the school building now sits was granted to the School District in 1956, 6 years after the new school was built. This land is considered a "Crown Grant", and the title is with the school district, but reverts to the Crown if the School District decides it no longer needs the land.

School District Land

School district has very kindly provided DPAC with a list of Surplus Property. They don't have a website yet, so it is here.

Historical Research

School Size and Class Size

School Size and Class size have been topics of much discussion and research in recent years. While there is still some debate about class size, virtually all recent research has concluded that smaller schools are better for children.

Secondary School Size

The original proposal to build a new North Nanaimo Secondary School was the best option for students. Recent options to make Dover Bigger, or Wellington Bigger, Or Woodlands Bigger, are all ignoring accepted research that the MAXIMUM a secondary school should be is 600-900. We could probably add a 100 links to the documents below.

School Year and School Day Planning

Balanced School year

Some arguments are made for balanced school years with a shorter summer, longer spring break, and longer Christmas. As usual, people claim not enough research, and opinions are divided.

Year Round Schooling

Year round schooling is essentially the same as "balanced school year", except that it implies that the system will have multi-tracking which allows more children to be housed at one school. Year round schooling is commonly used because schools are too small and cannot handle the growth or student population of an area. SD68 currently doesn't have this problem, but with recent proposals to close and sell off many schools, continued population growth, and projected enrollment increases, facility shortfalls could become a reality in SD68. A "Balanced" school year could be the first step in moving towards multi-track year-round schooling. Google "Year round schooling" and you will get lots more information.

Shortened week, etc.

School Act

Version of the School Act which governs education in BC


  • Letter to Ministry with useful gaphs. (actual package had printed BC Stats books and other stuff we are not allowed to republish)

    Board meeting docs

    The School district has their website setup so Google cannot search most of it, so some notable meeting minutes may be noted below

    Intresting Quotes

    On School Closure (aka: Consolidation)

    The conversion of the people through propaganda is essential to successful consolidation.
    -1923, U.S. Bureau of Education chairwoman Adelaide S. Baylor.

    PAC Ownership

    Info is here

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