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Every Tuesday Night the PAC is organizing an hour of Sports and Activities at the school. The purpose of the night is to get families exercising and having fun together.

What: Sports Night (Parent Run)
When: Tuesdays, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: Mount Benson Gym

How Often: Weekly (when school is in and the gym is available)


Each Tuesday, one parent will be responsible for overseeing the night. They will manage the sports equipment, and help other parents organize the games. They will write their name on the chaulkboard in the gym.

What Games

On sports nights, the gym will be divided into two sections. On one side of the gym the children will play indoor soccer, also called "futsal".

The second half of the gym will will play another sport, usually basketball or another sport which the children also play in school. (Actual sport depends on the children and the parent, both sides could play seperate games of Soccer if that is what people want to do). Once a sport is decided upon, families are strongly encouraged to stick with the same sport for the entire hour.

Games like hockey and lacrosse will be discouraged when there are young kids, or when the gym is crowded. (but once we can go outside, we can play these more often.)

Run by Parent Volunteers

The evenings are run by Parent Volunteers. One parent will coordinate each side of the gym, ensuring that games are controlled and fair. The parents responsible will have the whistles and their names will be written on the chaulkboard in the gym.

Please ensure that children and parents listen to the volunteer coordinators.

For Families

Sports night is for the whole family. Parents do not have to play, but they must stay at the school with their children. If your child comes with another family, please make sure the coach knows which adult is responsible for you children.

Outdoor activities

They gym can get crowded, so once it is light enough, we will use the outdoor courts/fields as well as the gym. The sports played will depend on the number of people in attendence, and popular demand.


Everyone is asked to remember to be safe, and to ensure their children are being safe. Please ensure your children are always role modeling safe and sportsmanlike behaviour.

Coaching Books / Lessons

Last year the PAC discussed assisting parents who wished to learn more about coaching either through courses or books. If you are interested in coaching one of the school teams, the PAC may be able to help out by buying coaching books for the parent library, or helping to pay for a course. For some school sports for which we do not have a sponsor teacher, parent coaches are needed and appreciated.


One of the reasons parents are required to stay on site is that children, by nature, make mistakes, have accidents, or wish to see their parents. The volunteers do not have the resources to track down parents in the event a child has an accident or wishes to see their parents.

Parents Meetings

Tuesday Night is also when the PAC holds its meetings. PAC meetings will continue on Tuesdays, and sports night will still run if parents wish to coordinate

During the "consultation" period, we will be having weekly parent meetings during sports night to give status updates, plan, ask questions and discuss. Depending on what is happening these meetings will be anywhere from 20minutes to an hour.

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